Welcome to my creative home - a space for all my adventures in Food & Drink, Travel & Adventure, Art & Photography and any other side projects I'm working on. It's a kind of digital scrapbook, made up of all the creative activities I enjoy outside of my day job as a freelance web developer.

If you're looking for my professional work portfolio, please visit www.liamgoldstein.com

I'm a freelance web developer living in the south west of France with a passion for art and design projects. I also love to travel, bake, paint and generally spend my time making and doing creative things!

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Food & Drink

As a wedding cake baker, I love to experiment with recipes, and moving to France kickstarted a whole new adventure in food. As well as trying out local specialities and ingredients, we’re becoming more self-sufficient by growing our own produce.

Art & Photography

Painting is one of my favourite ways to relax and I’ve recently branched out into landscape painting. My other new interest is photography. As well as taking pictures of the amazing places we visit whilst travelling I also really enjoy food photography.

Travel & Adventure

A round the world trip in 2013 cemented my love of travel and I’m always planning our next adventure. Combining my passion for travel and tech, I started work on Gap Year Pins; a travel blog and interactive planning portal and journal.

Random Posts

Looking for some inspiration or just want to read more about my challenges, project and adventures?

Shoots #124: Coming Along Nicely...

Shoots #124: Coming Along Nicely…

Packing is coming along nicely… Can’t wait to move!

Shoots #15: Prepped & Ready…

Despite having a stinking hangover from last nights frivolities I did the shop for my Eats #2 challenge… Write up to follow soon.

Shoots #210: Congratulations!

Shoots #210: Congratulations!

Went to Bournemouth today for Chris & Claire’s engagement party – congrats guys!

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