Thank you for checking out my little creative corner of the internet. Much like one of the cakes I bake, there are a lot of ingredients here. But they’re all the things I love best; Food & Drink, Art & Photography, Travel & Adventure and of course the web and design work that has been at the core of my career for over 20 years.

They may seem like quite different interests, but I love how they all fit together; exploring new cuisines when travelling, incorporating an unusual flavour combination into a wedding cake, or painting a picture from a favourite photograph.

For me, life is definitely better with variety and being a freelancer fits so well with that.

La Vie en France

I haven’t always been a freelancer and it’s quite a recent change to not be in a conventional 9 to 5 job. One of the reasons I moved to France with my husband was to make more time to pursue our hobbies and passions and to change the way we worked.

We very much had a dream of how we wanted our life to be. And yes it had the classic things people imagine; eating breakfast in a sunny garden, plentiful wine and cheese, country walks… but we also wanted to explore new things like self-sufficiency, learning a foreign language, working for ourselves and running guest accommodation.

The French Hideout

The French Hideout, Dordogne, France.

In 2019 we bought a small house on an acre of land near the Dordogne and have slowly been reclaiming the overgrown garden and planting raised beds, all whilst renovating the house.

We blog regularly about our adventures on The French Hideout, and before long we hope to have some guest accommodation to allow others to share in that dream.

It’s this simpler lifestyle that makes it possible for us to enjoy creative hobbies and to work on freelance projects.

Get in touch

I love hearing from people with similar creative interests so if you’ve seen something you like please do drop me an email using the contact page.

Alternatively for freelance enquiries please visit www.liamgoldstein.com