Art & Photography

Art has always been one of my passions and was one of my favourite subjects at school and I’d love to find more time to paint.

When I do get the chance I normally work with acrylic on canvas, and in the past few years, I’ve really started getting into portraiture. I love trying to capture someone’s personality in a painting and using the medium to bring out something of the individual.

Painting in France

Painting in France

Now that we’ve moved to France I’m hoping to paint more often. The countryside around where we live is stunning. But even in our own garden, there’s such variety in the trees, wildflowers and wildlife that you don’t have to look far to see a scene worth painting.

As well as portraits I enjoy painting landscapes, still life and abstract pieces although I’m still to “find my style” and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to explore my passion further.

Over time (and with some more practice) I’m hoping to be able to offer commissions so keep an eye on this site in the future for examples of my work and pricing.


I’d never experimented much with photography until my early thirties. Probably like most people I’d taken a few holiday snaps and pictures with friends and family, but nothing very artistic or thought out.

Then in 2012, I decided to set myself a photography challenge, taking a photo a day to document everything we did over the year. There were still a fair few wonky angles and some interesting compositions, but over the year I definitely improved. I think the biggest difference was starting to take a lot more time over what I was photographing and I’m pretty pleased with some of the shots I took. It was also lots of fun and a nice memento to look back over.

Travel Photography

It was during our gap year that I really started to take a keener interest in photography.

We experienced so many amazing sights, from beautiful landscapes to incredible cultures and fantastic people that it was impossible not to give composition, lighting and perspective a bit more thought. We came away from our year around the world having met so many interesting people and visited some truly unique places and now we have plenty of photos to remember them by.

We’ll always love to travel and I’m keen to continue exploring travel photography as we do. If you want to see some of my travel photos you can visit

Food Photography

Zeenees - Luxury wedding & celebration cakes
from the heart of France

Other than fuelling Instagram with yet more pictures of tasty restaurant meals, I’d never taken many food photos. That was until I started baking wedding cakes.

Since then I’ve had to learn pretty quickly how to stage a dessert table, capture towers of cupcakes and photograph seemingly endless cakes and fondant flowers. It’s amazing how different taking photos of food is to other types of photography, but it’s something I’ve come to love and I’m always happy to help out other bakers nearby.

You can explore some of the cakes I offer at my website