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Eats #18: Crunch!

Ingredients: [Lemon Salt] zest of a lemon, 4 tablespoons sea salt. [Other] sun flower oil, 800g potatoes, few sprigs fresh rosemary.

Difficulty: 1/5
Rating: 5/5

Make the lemon salt by crushing the zest of a lemon and 4 tablespoons of sea salt in a pestle and mortar until fine and slightly coloured.

Prepare the potatoes by removing the top and bottom of the potato – giving you a sturdy surface to work with. Slice the potato into thin slices and then into match sticks and place on kitchen roll to remove excess water and starch.

Heat some vegetable oil in a pan until hot and add the matchsticks. Cook until almost done then add the rosemary leaves and cook for a further 30 seconds. Remove from the oil and drain on kitchen roll.

Once drained sprinkle with lemon salt to taste and serve!


I really enjoyed this recipe. The matchsticks were tasty and really crunchy and the lemon salt was a really nice surprise. The recipe quantities meant left over lemon salt which I’ve used since and works surprisingly well with fried foods – perhaps the citrus bites through the oil, who knows.

I’d definitely give this recipe a go in the future although I’m not overly keen on cooking with large quantities of hot oil… perhaps it’s time to by a deep fat fryer!

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