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Eats #30: Mmmm Crispy!

Ingredients: 4 large courgettes, 1 free range egg, 1 teaspoon white pepper, 1 heaped tablespoon flour, 1 fresh red chilli, bunch fresh mint, 1 lemon, parmesan cheese, sea salt, olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon cumin.

Difficulty: 2/5
Rating: 4/5

Chop the chilli and mint and mix in a large bowl with lemon zest, grated parmesan, white pepper, salt, flour and egg yolk. Chop the courgettes lengthways into quarters (remove the fleshy white middle) and chop into matchsticks.

Add the matchsticks to the other ingredients. Whisk the egg white until thick and fold into the courgette mix.

Heat a pan on a medium/hot heat and add a couple glugs of olive oil. Fry the courgette as 1 large fritter or several smaller fritters… sprinkling with a little ground cumin. When golden and crisp on both sides serve!


This recipe was supposed to be straight forward to make, simply mix the dry ingredients with the egg and courgette and fry… However, the recipe (once again) lacked detail which made the execution rather more difficult that anticipated.

The instructions said chop the courgette into matchsticks, but don’t worry too much about size and shape… I chopped the courgette (which was far more time consuming than anticipated) but the irregularity of them meant the fritters didn’t bind properly and when I tried to fry individual fritters they simply broke apart.

I decided after the first few that one large fritter would be easier but I was wrong… although the fritter held it’s shape better and was a little easier to flip it still lacked the firmness I’d expected. Perhaps smaller matchsticks, more egg, or more flour would of helped, who knows.

Despite falling to pieces the overall taste and texture was really nice. The courgette was crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. The crunchy texture worked really well and the chilli and lemon gave it a lovely citrus tang with a bite.

Although I’d try this recipe again I won’t be in any rush to repeat it. If I do decide to give it another go I’ll be more careful with the matchsticks and add more egg/flour to help bind the mixture.

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