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Eats #48: Not My Thing

Ingredients: 3 handfuls bread crumbs, flat leaf parsley, handful parmesan cheese, 2 lemons, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, 2 large eggs, flour, 8 large prawns, rocket, extra virgin olive oil.

Difficulty: 3/5
Rating: 2/5

Wash, de-shell, de-vein and butterfly (trust me you should get this done by the fishmonger) the prawns and put to one side until needed.

Make the breadcrumbs by blitzing stale bread in a food processor until fine. Mix with the chopped parsley, zest of a lemon, parmesan and a glug of olive.

Get 3 bowls in a row ready to coat the prawns. In the first bowl mix flour with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. In the second bowl whisk 2 large eggs. In the final bowl place the breadcrumb mixture.

Coat a baking tray with olive oil then assemble the prawns. Coat each prawn in the seasoned flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs. Make sure to tap off the excess between each step and place the coated prawns onto a tray.

To accompany the prawns dress rocket leaves with lemon and a extra virgin olive. Finally, cook the prawns for 10-12 minutes until crisp and golden and server with a wedge of lemon!


Prawns are one of those things I think I like… I should like… but when it comes to it they’re not really my thing.

The recipe says to get your fishmonger to de-shell, de-vein and butterfly the prawns and to be honest I really wish I had. I let my confidence get the better of me and decided I’d be able to tackle the task on my own.

If I’m honest I think the process of shelling, veining and butterflying the prawns put me off eating them. Once I’d gotten covered in prawn guts I’d lost my appetite – I really should of asked the fishmonger to do the dirty work.

In the end I only ate 1-2 of the prawns and couldn’t really assess their taste but I was told by my house mate they were delicious, crunchy and really tasty.

What I did enjoy was the breadcrumb coating. It was crunchy, full of flavour with a subtle hint of parmesan and lemon. I could see the breadcrumbs working really well with other dishes.

The rocket salad was simple, worked well and had a nice tang from the lemon but without the prawns wasn’t really a dish on it’s own.

Not the most successful of dishes (having not really eaten much of it) but I’d be tempted to try the recipe again but this time with pre-prepared prawns.

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