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Shoots #355: Bye Bye Jamie!

I’ve just completed the 40th recipe of my Eats challenge and I feel like I need to get this off my chest.

Ingredients… Why oh why do chefs (especially of the TV variety) think we all live in cities surrounded by vast markets, deli’s, specialist butchers, spice merchants and chocolatiers??

So many of the recipes I’ve done have included ingredients that you just can’t get on most high streets and supermarkets – the latest being a variety of tomatoes including red, yellow, green, etc.

I’m sure Portobello market and the high end green grocers of London have a humongous array of tomatoes but my supermarket sells 3 types… beef, standard or cherry!

Yes I know that, with time and effort, I could source all the ingredients (believe me if my full time job was cooking I would) but on a practical level the vast majority of us are tied to our supermarkets and we just don’t have the time to go find that particular type of fish, pasta, berry, herb, or vegetable!

What we need is a cookbook that ONLY uses the ingredients you can buy in Tesco or Sainsbury’s – I think I’ll call it The People’s Cookbook!

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