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As I welcome in 2013 and say good bye to a hectic but very enjoyable 2012 I decided to rate my Eats, Shoots & Reads challenge and walk you through my “Top of the Pops” or in this case, Top of the Eats!

Why not go back to the start of my Eats challenge or right back to the beginning of 2012.

#1: Tender-As-You-Like Rabbit Stew

Eats #36: Tender-As-You-Like Rabbit Stew

Tender, juicy, rich and delicious with the lightest dumplings I’ve ever tasted! Definitely deserving of number 1!

#2: The Ultimate Fruit Meringue

Eats #1

My first Eats challenge and what a tricky challenge it was. I’d never made meringue or caramel before so I was thrown in at the deep end – I guess being my first recipe it was inevitable it would hold a special place in my memories.

#3: Herby Gnocchi with Rocket and Butter Sauce

Eats #37: Herby Gnocchi with Rocket and Butter Sauce

I was never that keen on gnocchi but these soft, creamy, zingy, fluffy pillows definitely converted me!

#4: Pan Roasted Salmon

Eats #2

One of my earlier fish dishes, delicate, tangy and delicious! A dish I’ve cooked several times since!

#5: Ultimate Gingerbread

Eats #33: Ultimate Gingerbread

Not the best dish for a diet but definitely lived up to it’s name!

#6: The Best Onion Gratin

Eats #11

Creamy, rich, delicious! What more needs to be said!

#7: Prawn Cocktail

Eats #4

An old classic with a twist. Juicy, crunchy and with an added kick!

#8: Oozy Egg Ravioli

Eats #25: Oozy Egg Ravioli

The most stressful recipe of my challenge! Deserving of a place in the top 10 due to sheer technique and the fact I managed to pull it off!

#9: Fifteen Chocolate Tart

Eats #14

Indulgent, rich, dark and delicious! A true favourite!

#10: Perfectly Cooked Crispy Duck

Eats #28: Middle Eastern Duck Salad

Crispy, tender, juicy duck with a lovely spiced plum sauce – simply delicious!

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