Holiday Time!

Holiday Time!

I’m off on holiday again for a week to the Suffolk coast. We’re renting a wonderful, luxury house nestled in amongst the sand dunes.

I plan to spend the week relaxing, reading, walking on the beach, eating good food, drinking good wine and have a great time with friends – I can’t wait!

Obviously while I’m gone there have to be minor adjustments to my challenge, these are:

  • Eats: Although I could cook my recipe while away I’ve decided I want the week to be relaxing, stress free and self indulgent so I’ve postponed next weeks recipe. On the plus side you can expect 2 recipes the week commencing 9th July!
  • Shoots: As always I’ll still take a photo each and every day but whether or not I’ll be able to upload them depends on the reception/wifi. If not I’ll bulk upload them on my return.
  • Reads: This is the one challenge that will actually be helped by my holiday. I plan to spend a lot of time reading and expect to make a lot of progress on my next book.

Hopeful the above will help explain any quiet periods in the blogosphere while I’m away and I hope my readers (if there are any) will understand – see you all in a week!

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