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Reads #10: The Review…

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I recently finished my 10th book The Third Policeman recommended to me by Stuart Tyler.

Stuart Tyler

Stu Says…

“I read The Third Policeman about 5 years ago. My uncle lent it to me as something to read on the train, on my way back and forth to Suffolk when I was sorting out a new flat. The surrealism made a nice escape from the tedium of tenancy agreements and train timetables.”

“It’s mostly that surrealism that I enjoyed. Characters slowly turn into bicycles, paint comes in colours so shocking it sends people mad, fiddly little boxes go on forever in a Russian-doll styley and sound can be mangled into light. But yet for all the wackiness, there is still a clear plot running through. And even though the main character doesn’t get much development in a classical sense (you never even find out his name), I still felt I could identify with him because of the fundamental question he has to deal with – is it the rest of the world that’s mad, or is it just me? Which is one I ask myself now and again.”

“I’m also a sucker for a twist, so the ending worked well for me too. I certainly didn’t expect to find the plot of the early chapters tied together so neatly with the rest of the book.”

Liam Goldstein

I Say…

Although I enjoyed The Third Policeman I have to say that I was completely lost most of the time. The story deals with morality, life and death and does it in such a surreal, dream-like way that you’re totally immersed… confused, YES, but immersed.

I always try to keep the book a mystery. I carefully avoid reviews, synopsis and even the comments on the back cover. In this case that might of been my downfall.

Not knowing what to expect from The Third Policeman I spent most of the book wondering what the hell was going on, where the story was going and what it all meant.

I have a feeling The Third Policeman is one of those books you appreciate the more you read. Something that slowly clicks into place with time.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I think I would, but be prepared to be lost, confused and a little muddled the first time around.

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