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Reads #12: The Review…

Eats, Shoots & Reads

I completed my Reads challenge and book number 12, The Secret History on Dec 31st 2012. Here are mine and Sarah’s reviews…

Sarah Barron

Sarah Says…

“When I was about 17 I used to babysit for the kids next door. Usually I’d put them to bed then watch a bit of TV, but for whatever reason, one night I decided to have a nose around and I found the Dad’s bookcase. I was a very avid reader at that age and worked weekends in a book shop so was always curious as to what books other people had on their book case. As I remember it, this Dad was into crime novels which I wasn’t really but then my eyes fell on The Secret History. It made my giggle because of the authors surname but I picked it up off the shelf and started reading.”

“When the parents arrived home I was still at it and had barely looked up from the pages for a second. They kindly let me borrow it to finish at home. I fell in love with the story straight away. However, I honestly could not tell you the full plot right now. It’s the only book that I’ve read that I know I love, and each time I read it I get drawn in. But a few months down the line I can’t remember it and have to read it again. Sounds weird right? But, it is the number 1 book on my bookshelf and I recommend it to anyone that asks!”

“The first time I read the book a lot of it went over my head. It’s quite a serious and intelligent book for a teenager but I find each time I read I learn new things and can appreciate the smaller details of the storyline – meaning that each time I read it the story has a new meaning. I’ve read the book multiple times since the first reading and enjoy it every time.”

Liam Goldstein

I Say…

This is, without question, the best book I’ve read in my challenge. It tells the tale of a group of friends and their time as students. It explores complex relationships and delves deep into morality.

I don’t want to give too much away as I really think everyone should read this book but what I will say is that The Secret History is an edge of the seat thrill ride!

The story involves murder, conspiracy, cover up, mystery and the need to belong. Every chapter has another twist or layer to the plot and I genuinely couldn’t put it down.

This is definitely a book I’ll be reading again and like Sarah said it’s one that will unwind with each subsequent read. I’d especially like to research the Greek myths and legends referenced throughout the book as I imagine that would add a whole new depth to the story. Please, please please give this book a go!

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