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Reads #4: The Review…

Eats, Shoots & Reads

With only a day to spare I finished “Wuthering Heights”.

Elizabeth Abbey

Elizabeth Says…

“I first devoured Wuthering Heights back in 2003 and I honestly can’t say why I enjoyed it – but I did. It’s a very dark, bleak and somewhat depressing book which follows the doomed love affair of Cathy and Heathcliff, describing their passion, betrayal, heartbreak and eventual redemption, and how their toxic relationship affects those around them. A pinnacle of the Gothic novel genre, it’s got violence, a brooding, dark “hero” and a passionate, wilful heroine with oodles of the supernatural throughout.”

Adding an extra dimension to the book for me, since reading the book I discovered that my great-grandparents once lived in Top Withins, the now derelict house on the moors above Howarth that inspired the location of Wuthering Heights!”

Liam Goldstein

I Say…

Despite being yet another classic on the reading list I was looking forward to reading Wuthering Heights to see how it compared to a play I saw about a year ago.

Most adaptations focus on a tormented Heathcliff and his struggle to cope with the death of his beloved Cathy – his depression, mania, and constant visions leaving him a crippled and defeated man – whereas the book takes a very different angle.

The book focuses more on the offspring of Cathy and Heathcliff and how their struggles against the tyrant that is Heathcliff lead them from despair, depression, cruelty and illness to freedom at the death of their tormentor.

Although I enjoyed reading Wuthering Heights I’ll admit that I found this read particularly difficult. The language and structure of the book isn’t something I’m used to and I often found myself lost in the pages not really knowing what had happened. If it wasn’t for the play I’d seen previously I’m not sure I would of been able to follow the majority of the storyline.

Wuthering Heights definitely fulfils the challenge part of my reading list and at least I can say I’ve read another of the the classics – would I read it again, perhaps not, but I enjoyed it none the less.

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