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Reads Top 5

Reads Top 5

As I welcome in 2013 and say good bye to a hectic but very enjoyable 2012 I decided to rate my Eats, Shoots & Reads challenge and walk you through my “Top of the Pops” or in this case, Top of the Reads!

Why not go back to the start of my Reads challenge or right back to the beginning of 2012.

#1 The Secret History

Recommended By: Sara Barron
Without a doubt the best book of my challenge and probably one of my top 5 of all time! A thrilling journey! [Read the Review]

#2 The Time Traveller’s Wife

Recommended By: William Lannen
An underrated film and a great read. It differs slightly from the film and the character development keeps you gripped! [Read the Review]

#3 A Spot of Bother

Recommended By: Dave Jenkins
A sad but thoroughly entertaining look at the life of a family and their trials and tribulations! [Read the Review]

#4 Lord of the Flies

Recommended By: Gwilym Owen
A childhood and GCSE classic! Fulfilling a long term desire to finally read the book. A great tale of survival that makes you question morality! [Read the Review]

#5 Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow

Recommended By: Deborah Welford
A thrilling tale of murder, mystery and intrigue – keeps you on the edge of your seat with every page turned! [Read the Review]

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