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As I welcome in 2013 and say good bye to a hectic but very enjoyable 2012 I decided to rate my Eats, Shoots & Reads challenge and walk you through my “Top of the Pops” or in this case, Top of the Shoots!

Why not go back to the start of my Shoots challenge or right back to the beginning of 2012.

#1 Ice Cream Time!

Shoots #92

It’s the simple pleasures in life that count. Grabbing an ice cream on a sunny afternoon in Cardiff Bay.

#2 Lovely Summers Day!

Shoots #121: Lovely Summers Day!

The things you find when you start paying attention! A lovely stained glass window at a friends house.

#3 Wiper Dog!

Shoots #299: Wiper Dog!

Celebrating the randomness of people!

#4 Ice, Ice, Baby!

Shoots #34

Nature at it’s best!

#5 Fruit-tastic!

Shoots #16

A year of trying to lose weight and be more healthy – the battle continues!

#6 Sunshine Beers

Shoots #84

Weekends away and the simple pleasure of grabbing a beer and relaxing!

#7 Cardiff is Awesome!

Shoots #93

Unappreciated architecture all around!

#8 Mardi Gras Madness

Shoots #245: Mardi Gras Madness

Fun and frolics with good friends.

#9 Soooo Cute!

Shoots #343: Soooo Cute!

New beginnings and meeting my wonderful god daughter!

#10 Drinkies…

Shoots #140: Drinkies...

Time spent with good friends!


Shoots #187: FISH & CHIPS!

Being silly and never really growing up!

#12 Refreshing!

Shoots #254: Refreshing!

Looking at the every day from a different perspective and enjoying a nice cold beer!

#13 One Enjoys an Afternoon on the Pier!

Shoots #135: One Enjoys an Afternoon on the Pier!

Celebrating the Jubilee in the random-est of places!

#14 Madrid Day 2

Shoots #330: Madrid Day 2

Beautiful sculpture and art and experiencing a new place and culture.

#15 Bunkhouse

Shoots #228: Bunkhouse

Funky places and appreciating where you live more often!

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