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As you may have noticed – I think I may have mentioned it once or twice – I’m off skiing on Saturday 10th March so will potentially be without internet for a week.

Obviously such a scenario is a big problem for a blogger and an even bigger problem given my challenges. Don’t fear lovely readers I have a plan to make sure the challenge survives my ski trip.


I obviously can’t cook a Jamie recipe in my ski chalet and even if I could I’m not sure I want to, as I’m long overdue some rest and relaxation, so my solution is to do 2 recipes this week instead.

I’m still being true to the challenge and doing them in the order they were generated I’m just cooking one of them a week early. I’ll try and do my write up of Eats #10 before I go skiing and Eats #11 on my return.


Obviously skiing will give me plenty of photo opportunities and I’m still going to take and select a photo a day while I’m away but what I can’t guarantee is whether or not I’ll be able to upload them on the day in question.

If I am indeed without internet I will upload them all in bulk on my return. I know this isn’t a great scenario but unfortunately it’s one I can’t predict, change or avoid.


The one challenge that will be helped by my ski trip rather then hindered.

Hoping to have lots of time on the flight and during my break to read my current book.

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