Travel & Adventure

I didn’t travel much until my late 20s, but after meeting my husband Nick that quickly changed. We soon started taking more holidays in Europe and visiting some amazing places that I’d never have thought of going to before. And it wasn’t long until we started planning a much bigger adventure…

Round the World Trip

In 2013 we went on the trip of a lifetime, taking a year off work to travel!

It was an incredible year that saw us visit Canada, the USA, Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Japan. We made some fantastic friends along the way and experienced incredible things like swimming with turtles, hiking on glaciers and kayaking with manta rays.

During our year away I blogged about our adventures, which you can read about on my travel website Gap Year Pins.

Gap Year Pins – The App!

Gap Year Pins!

As well as being the home of our travel blog, Gap Year Pins is a web project I’ve been working on for a little while. It still needs more work, but I’m really excited about what it could become.

Planning our gap year made me realise how much is involved in coordinating such a big trip. So when we came back I started work on Gap Year Pins; a tool to help keep all your plans like reservations, events, notes and photographs in one place. In time it’ll become part-planner, part-travel journal, and I love working on it whenever I have a spare hour or two.

Your Big Adventure

Your Big Adventure - An essential guide to travelling, backpacking & gap years!

As well as working on Gap Year Pins another project we immersed ourselves in after our trip was writing a travel book!

My husband Nick writes regularly and has published a few books (you can find details of his writing projects on, but it was totally new to me.

Some elements of writing a book I really enjoyed and it was a good opportunity to relive some of our travel memories, but it was a huge amount of work. Now it’s done of course it’s nice to say ‘I’ve written a book’ and I’ll always be proud of what we did… but I think in future I’ll leave the writing to Nick!

If you’d like to read our book it’s available on Amazon.

Europe & Beyond…

Now that we’re living in France I’m excited about how much closer we are to so many fantastic places. After living in the UK my whole life it’s quite strange knowing that we can drive or train anywhere in mainland Europe without needing a ferry, or the Channel Tunnel.

I hope this means we can have a lot more weekend trips and longer breaks to explore lots of new destinations. So expect plenty more travel adventures to come.

Keep an eye out on Instagram for our latest break away.